Classes, Scholarships and Holiday Programmes!

The Dust Palace has a heap of fun in store for Auckland young people!

Kids & YOUTH CIRCUS Classes

Kids have a great strength-to-bodyweight ratio. The key is to keep them safe and teach them proper technique so they don’t get ahead of themselves with their own bravery!!

We guide our young people through our aerial grading system to ensure they retain the terminology, technique, and safety instructions. This enables us to cater for the different rates of learning present in any class environment. 

Beginners are welcome to join our classes at any time of the year from 3 years of age onward:

3-6 Years: 60 min classes

7-12 Years: 90 min classes

 12-18 Years: 90 min classes

We also have Adept Youth Class for 10-18 year olds at Grade 2 and above, and yearly auditions for Highjinx our Aerial Youth Company.

We run regular School Holiday Programs and have an annual youth Scholarship Program for 10-25 year-olds.

We use an online booking system to book a place in classes and open training times.  Follow the links below to create an account and book your classes.

Enrol for Circus classes online

Term Dates

Term 1

Monday 29th January - Sunday 15th April

Term 2

Monday 30th April - Sunday 8th July

Term 3

Monday 23rd July - Sunday 30th September

Term 4

Monday 15th October - Sunday 16th December


1 Class per week: $225 per term

2 Classes per week: $350 per term

3 Classes per week: $450 per term

Trial class; $25

HighJinx Youth Company: $400 per term


Fees are payable on our booking site

ClassES @ The Dust Palace:  timetablE

About OUr Classes


Initially, we work to develop a basic foundation in all aerial apparatus, with a focus on aerial silks and lyra. This includes movement technique, body awareness, endurance training and basic performance work. All students should find that they are able to create a short performance after only 20 weeks of training!

We've developed a grading system, similar to martial arts. This allows each student to work at their own pace through the grades; creating a safe, structured environment where the total beginner can work alongside an experienced performer!

ACROBalance (90min)

Learn how to stand on and be balanced by other people!

HandBalance (60min)

A great core and strength work-out, this class at our circus school is one hour of handstand training and conditioning.


Formulated to support aerialists in their movement across the ground this class covers solo acrobatic techniques and tumbling.

Kids Contortion (90min)

Aimed at all levels, this 90-minute class will hone body awareness, and deeply improve flexibility - the core skill-base of the circus performer - via a system of innovative stretching techniques.