VENUS is...


“superbly choreographed acrobatics featuring the finely muscled bodies and disciplined athleticism of highly trained performers.” NZ Herald.

With physical and aerial theatre, dance and song, we explore the intimate, specific and yet universal realm of human behaviour embodied in historic erotic literature. 

Venus... follows the story of an older couple discovering each other anew after spending years side by side. They encounter their memories and forgotten desires, they re-engage with old situations, they discover alternative perspectives on each others erotic nature and begin to live with each other once again.


Abundant with physicality at its most divine Venus... tells stories of discovery, pleasure, altruism and nurture. It is brave and unashamed, honest and blushing.
Venus... is intimate, close, personal, and beautiful. At times its not easy, challenging perceptions of sexual relationships and encompassing moments of tragedy as well as those of pure joy, but with an undercurrent of tongue in cheek humour the audience will leave feeling uplifted, optimistic and of course... a little titillated.

“a sensual, sumptuous production that captivates and titillates […] Venus Is is a beautiful look at sexuality and sensuality that really is quite stunning.” Auckland Now

“definitely the kind of show you need to see more than once”

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