the dust palace scholarship program



The Dust Palace Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for young people aged 10 to 25 with limited resources to access training in the circus arts. The scholarship covers fees for one years’ tuition at the Dust Palace School. It is only possible thanks to the generosity of some amazing patrons!!

The first two years of the program have been a great success and now our third cohort, 2016/7, are working towards the culmination of their year with their showcase on June 24th 2017.

Circus is an amazing tool for self-development, awareness, motivation, communication skills, confidence, coordination and strength. Our scholarship students gain all this plus a deep sense of community with their circus peers.


2017/18 Scholarship Program Auditions

Saturday JuLY 8th

10am and 12pm

2016/17 Scholarship Showcase

June 24th @ The Dust Palace

What if we could see the thread that connects us to our world? What if we could touch it or move it or.... lose it? What if sometimes, it had a mind of its own? If we followed our thread, where would it lead us? Will it bring burden or adventure?

Working with this premise, the students of the 2016-2017 Dust Palace scholarship program bring you "That which ties us", a self devised work.


As a patron, your contribution to the program will enable a student to receive a year's worth of free tuition in circus arts and become a mini super-human!

But it goes beyond that, as evidenced by the success of the first three years (2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17) of the program. Past recipients have developed exponentially in their skills, knowledge and confidence in circus aerials over their one year of training. They have gained skills in performance and performance creation. They have all pushed their boundaries both physically and psychologically. They have gained friends and become part of a strong community group.

Becoming a patron and funding tuition for a young person is not only a win for the student themself, but is also a win for the entire circus community of Auckland - by supporting and enabling the dedication and passion of these students, circus in Auckland is invigorated and growing!

The Dust Palace Scholarship Recipients 2016/7:

Alyshia Harper, Amber Jackson, Angel Jacobson, Daniel Elias, Isabella Finan-Jenkin, Janet Van, Keara-Brooke Tyler, Lisa Anderton, Lisa Schady, Madi Macleod & Paige Skinner.

The Dust Palace Scholarship Recipients 2015/6:

Alex Garkavenko, Angelo Cruzat, Anya Wood, Connor Leech, Elsa McCormick, Grace Clark, Grace Hobson, Kaitlyn Parry, Katelyn Reed, Kylah Glover, Lya Solle, Mino Hafoka & Yama Kober.

The Dust Palace Scholarship Recipients 2014/5:

Quinn Vale, Lili Hanson, Ellie May Marshall, Rhiana Jellick, Rana Hamida, Aya Al-Chalabi, Connor Clarken, Jacinta Newman, Harrison Adams, Hana Mayo, Alexa Kennedy & Lauren Cavanagh.