love and Money


This show is a lot of FUN! It's a rollicking play on the every-day LIVES of PEOPLE who GET NAKED for MONEY. Taken from the REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES of the cast and told with circus, dance, comedy and drama, it's a mad circus cabaret with an abundance HEART.

Vaughn is struggling to keep his relationship with Claire professional. It's hard when he is always naked with her in a small booth.

Danni must decide on a new name for herself. Will she go for something with old school class? Or something hot... like Sahara?

Ronnie has decided that "Man-Thunder" can take over the world. He just needs to tan up, get some more baby oil, and decide on a new act...

Five people, two poles and the naked truth... Would you like a dance?




Hawkes Bay Opera House


Tapac Theatre, Auckland


Downstage Theatre, Wellington

MAY 2014

Erupt Lake Taupo Arts Festival, Taupo