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The Dust Palace provides high quality and WORLD CLASS circus entertainment right here in New Zealand.

We have a huge variety of UNIQUE and EXCITING apparatus with which we stun crowds at both corporate functions and private events!

SCALE is never an issue! We're happy to provide ANYTHING from a single, highly skilled SOLO to a complete NIGHT of varied and exciting entertainment!

We pride ourselves in our ability to bring DREAMS to life and tailor any of our acts to bring WOW FACTOR to any theme, any room and any event!


Our incredibly successful and action packed 8 – 20 minute combination shows have been all the rage! A pick 'n' mix option of ANY of our acts put into a BESPOKE show, tailored to suit ANY event! Whether you want a mixture of GROUND based and AERIAL acts, we can CUSTOMISE an enthralling and UNFORGETTABLE entertainment spectacle for YOUR function!


Our new AERIAL SPIRALS are utterly majestic in the air and are never before seen in NZ, they are totally UNIQUE to our company!

SPANISH WEB is a maximum IMPACT act! A performer is spun super FAST in the air holding on by only a SINGLE hand!

TOSS THE GIRL is an age old act which is having a world wide revival! It's a terrifying and super dynamic act where the girls get thrown, flipped, spun and turned literally inside out by a crew of our strong cirque men!

DUO LYRA is a powerfully and perfectly synchronised female/female act on a single aerial hoop.

DUO TRAPEZE! Super dangerous and highly exciting with full releases and all, provides both a modern or traditional big top air!

STRAPS with its elegant command of the air by our resident strong-man, exudes raw, masculine power and grace in a totally alluring, flawless show of super human strength and beauty.

"All of our clients and colleagues were blown away by the spectacle... people can’t stop talking about it"

Grant Milne (CEO - Marsh Insurance)

A few of our recent clients include:











if you would like to BOOK an act, request a QUOTE, get more INFO, chat through the OPTIONS, or just throw a wild idea our way to watch us CREATE it... please give us a call anytime...

Eve Gordon

021 8222 36

“... superbly choreographed acrobatics featuring the finely muscled bodies and disciplined athleticism of highly trained performers.” 

Paul Simei-Barton, NZ Herald 


We are bursting at the seams with acts and are consistently growing and creating new magical things! Because we are a production house, we offer fully customised shows that can go from 20 minutes to full length shows or an all night entertainment extravaganza packed full of our best international standard performers and skills!

Some full length shows we have are ready and rearing to go! But we can also create something totally unique to your company and aligned with your core values! These shows can be in any style, era or theme that you desire. 


Adagio, ACROBATICS, Hand-Balance, Tumbling, Cyr Wheel, TOSS THE GIRL, Chair Stacking, CONTORTION, Rola Bola, Hula Hoops, JUGGLING, Cigar Boxes and more... Just as, if not more, physically impressive than aerial acts! We have such a VERSATILE range of highly skilled acrobats and ground based performers who bring Circus magic to life with acts that will entertain and ignite your audience’s imaginations!

Our ADAGIO and TRIO Adagio acts range from cirque-like statue work to comedy or passion with everything in between.

CHAIR STACKING literally has everyone in the room on the edge of their seats! It's nail biting and intense to watch the duo or trio build and balance on a precarious stack on chairs!

POLE LYRA is a derivative act of our Aerial Hoop, performed only a few feet off the floor on a horizontal performance pole, it is a great alternative to fit an aerial act in ANY venue!

A man in a large spinning hoop seamlessly inverts and creating patterns with his body only possibly with incredibly strong centrifugal force. CYR WHEEL is a high-end and very impressive skill

ROVING acts brilliantly for that up close and personal interaction with any evemt and performance INSTALLATION work is perfect as room dressing or AMBIENCE for any venue.

Make YOUR event one to REMEMBER...