More about our Ground-Based Acts

June 24, 2014 at 1:46 PM

toss_the_girl.jpgGround-based acts I would recommend are:

- Adagio (balance acrobatics) is always an impressive option with its superhuman display of strength and grace. We have two size matched couples who can be perfectly synchronized which looks quite stunning. An adagio couple is $1600+gst per act.


- Toss the Girl (right) is a circus art which is fast growing in popularity. It's exciting and super dynamic! Two or three guys throw, flip and spin a girl through the air! Acts are priced at $850+gst per person.


- Chair Balancing is a beautiful and really dangerous act. It's slow and controlled and always has audiences on the edge of their seats. We most often perform this as a duo and it's $1750+gst but we also have solo versions of this if you're interested in this option.



- Cyr Wheel (right) is a fantastic super fast paced new apparatus. It's still uncommon highly skilled and amazing to watch! Acts cost $1200+gst.


- Rola Bola is a balancing act where the performer stacks rolling objects up and balances on top! It defies any type of logic or gravity... An act is $800+gst


- Foot Balance is a very Chinese circus art and there is one New Zealander who is a star at it! She balances fans and table with just her feet! Acts are $1200+gst


- Hula Hoops, Juggling, Stilt walking, Tumbling, Unicycling, Contortion, HandBalance, Cigar boxes and a bunch more are all cheaper options to place around the edges of events... They cost between $300 and $700+gst per act.

PLEASE NOTE that if you book more than one act or we can re-use a performer within a show all these prices can be shuffled to fit!!!

There is always a way to create the perfect show within the budget we have available!


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