Entertainment ideas for your next corporate party

November 18, 2013 at 10:40 PM

It is not often that people attend a corporate event and say that they had a great time and that it was memorable. This is because most of these types of events are fairly dry and boring for the attendees, they are simply there to mix and mingle with colleagues and, in some cases, to make new business connections.
What if there was a way to make your next corporate event completely exciting? Why not consider booking your next corporate event at the Dust Palace? We’ll provide a unique live corporate show that is based around your corporate values. We will match the theme, content and style of our acts to closely match what you want to convey.
Aerial silks are long silk ribbons that are suspended from the ceiling. Performers work through a number of movements within the silks that can grab the attention of even the most discerning executive. There are a variety of performance styles to choose from, or we can work together with you to create a special performance that includes all of the elements that you want to see in a show.
Each performance is comprised of a series of movements through aerial silks. The main idea is that the live corporate show that we put on for your next event is extremely memorable. We can work through a variety of our existing performances, including:
Aerial Silks - incredibly fit performers work out on the silks to bring you an amazing performance. There are solo, duo, group synchronized and doubles (two people on the same silk) shows that are going to flat out amaze your guests. Aerial acts last between five and seven minutes.
The Adagio show feature cirque-like statue work with incredible performers who will leave the audience stunned. There are options in these shows from comedy to roving balance acrobatics and novelty acts including a swinging acrobatic pole rig.
The performers also perform lyra in rollerskates, 1950’s acrobatics acts and cabaret.
Any aerial dance performance with the use of an apparatus such as aerial silks will make an impact. The spectators will be amazed at the sheer strength, control and grace of these performers. It is up to you to choose the styles of aerial performances that you want to see completed include
• traditional (big top circus style)
• lyrical (cirque du soleil)
• comedy
• contemporary
• cabaret
Each style has its own unique movements and hallmarks. The performances are comprised of the initial climb, a wrap in the silk itself and then a dramatic drop. There are French climbs (practical and efficient) or athletic and elegant tricks including a straddle climb. The wrap pose is static and in some cases the performers will actually release their hand hold on the wrap. The performances on the silks are an incredible live art form that show courage, flexibility, power and grace.
Forget the boring wine and cheese mixer, book your next corporate event at the Dust Palace and have an event that won’t soon be forgotten by anyone that you invite. The performance teams are ready to hear your ideas and suggestions, so you simply need to call and inquire about availability.

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