Mission Statement

Our mission is to present fun, exhilarating circus and theatrical entertainment which is intimate, visually stunning and brave in its frankness about human nature.


About The Dust Palace

Since its inception in 2009 The Dust Palace has risen to the forefront of physical and circus theatre in New Zealand.

We're now the first port of call for aerial entertainment in the events industry and our theatre shows are being regularly booked by arts festivals nationwide.

In 2011 we were commissioned to open Q Theatre's Loft and we did so with Venus Is... to much critical acclaim.

2012 - 2016 has seen the devising and production of six original new theatre works which have played in Auckland and toured nationally. We took our latest show The Goblin Market as far as Montreal!

This year we look forward to a new collaboration with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra Midnight which will premiere in November 2017 at the Aotea centre.



In the seven years of its existence The Dust Palace has placed itself in the forefront of circus theatre and corporate circus performance in New Zealand.

In 2009 we co-produced The Sexy Recession Cabaret, which featured artists such as Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Michael Hurst, and Tama Waipara. Also that year we produced the first two sold out back to back seasons of Burlesque as You Like It – Not a Family Show and physical theatre piece The Moon's Insane and other stories...

2010 saw an independent tour of the eleven strong Burlesque as You Like It, culminating in a season with the International Comedy Festival and development of Love and Money.

In 2011 we were given the honour of opening Q Theatre's Loft space. We developed Venus is... for this.

2012 was a year of touring festivals. In February we developed surrealist circus cabaret Cirque Non Sequitur for SPLORE festival. Erupt Lake Taupo festival presented Venus is... in May. The Right Royal Cabaret Festival in Taranaki brought down Cirque Non Sequitur, which then travelled to Fuel Festival and was the first show to play in the round at Q Theatre's main-stage. Love and Money's Auckland season at TAPAC book-ended the year.

Three new shows were devised and produced in 2013. With a Stranger played at TAPAC; Same same but different and Knock Knock played to sold-out houses at The Herald Theatre. 2014 saw the development of Orpheus.

In 2015 we created family-friendly show Top of the Heap in association with Auckland Live; and the year culminated with a large-cast Sci-Fi version of Ithaca, which played at Q. 2016 took us to Montreal for CINARS with The Goblin Market, The Dust Palace as the first NZ circus company ever to present there. This visit resulted in a Canadian tour booked for 2017.

This year we look forward to a new collaboration with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra Midnight which will premiere in November at the Aotea centre.

We also have built a strong corporate strand to the company. We've been booked consistently over the last four years for aerial and physical performances for corporate events.