The Dust Palace Scholarship Program Recipients 2016/7


Alyshia Harper

Hi my name is Alyshia, and i have always enjoyed watching people do amazing tricks and can’t wait to learn. I am someone who loves music and doing lots of creative stuff. In school i am involved in all our drama areas and activities. I am also very much into writing my own music as well as singing and playing the piano. When i was younger i used to take an acting class, but then i stopped as my Dad left. I do Tai Kwon Do and am enjoying that as well.


Amber Jackson

I’m Amber. I am currently in my last year of high school. I am in love with the performing arts and dedicate most of my time to this department. I act in my high school production but my main passion is dance. I am constantly trying to push myself and improve which is why I am so enthusiastic for this program. I can’t wait to learn new skills and improve my flexibility. I am hoping to become a dance teacher when I’m older and inspire others to do more things like this.


Angel Jacobson

I’m Angel and I’m 12. I am a black belt in Taekwondo and i hope my Taekwondo training can help me out a bit here. I am very determined and VERY competitive. I love tumbling and prefer being upside down than the right way up. I taught myself many things, such as aerials, back handsprings and back tucks. When i set a challenge, I accept it. I never give up, sometimes not even when I’m asked to. I love being in an environment where everyone does the same things as me.


Cameron Mason

Cameron started dancing when he was 9 years old, after teaching his neighbours the spice girls choreography. He transitioned into musical theatre and was the lead in Saturday Night Fever in 2015.

In his spare he has a bachelor of science in astronomy. (He aspired to be an astronaut - before finding out he’s too tall)

He collects Stephen King books and has a glass of milk every morning.


Daniel Elias

Hi I’m Daniel. I am 11 years old and I live with my Mum, two brothers, two step sisters and step Dad. I started Gymnastics when I was 4 years old. But there wasn’t anything to hang off. We saw an ad on seven sharp, and I wanted to do some classes. I started classes and instantly fell in love with it.

I wanted to do it more so I auditioned for a scholarship. And here I am, so excited to learn more circus and be with my awesome circus family!


Isabella Finan-Jenkin

Hi i’m Isabella, I’m 15 years old and go to St.Marys College. I love the performing arts and I’ve always thought that circus would be an amazing thing to learn to do. I’ve always been very involved in music as i started violin at the age of three. But apart from Drama, i haven’t had as many opportunities on the physical side of the arts so I am very excited about this opportunity.


Janet Van

Janet is on a life mission to blur stereotypes of every kind and inspire others to push their limits and persevere with their passions. Janet is an engineer, make-up artist, dancer, ambassador for women in STEM, and now a circus trainee! She is incredibly grateful for this opportunity and privilege. She is looking forward to working with and learning from the fantastic Dust Palace trainers, team, and fellow scholarship students!


Jared Peeters

I am a second year dance student at the university of Auckland. I am extremely passionate about all kinds of performing arts and grew up doing many drama performances throughout High School, which also involved writing scripts from time to time.

However having grown up in a small town called Ruakaka (30 minutes south of Whangarei) meant that other kinds of performing arts classes were often difficult to pursue.

I am excited to push myself mentally, physically and creatively, ultimately being the best kind of performer that i can be.


Keara-Brooke Tyler

I am a performer at heart, I love expressing myself and telling stories creatively. Dance and acting are my two loves in life, and i compete and dance in latin (i.e: salsa / bachata). I am so ecstatic to be a part of the scholarship program here, and am very grateful for this opportunity! I know i’m going to grow so much in this, and hope to perform circus onstage! :) <3


Lisa Anderton

Hi, my name is Lisa Anderton. I am 23 years old and recently graduated from the university of Auckland with a bachelor of arts in Psychology and Geography. I was a gymnast for ten years, from age 3-13. And started circus only last year. I’m really excited to apply my gymnastics and circus skills, and explore and strengthen my creative side.


Lisa Schady

Kia Ora! I’m Lisa :)

I have grown up on the north shore of Auckland and have always loved being active!

Running, aerobics, dancing and yoga have been my favourites. However, a 1.5 years ago I picked up a hula hoop at a festival and have since fallen in love with hooping and circus flow arts!

I would love to take my hoop skills into the air and learn silks, lyra as well as acrobatics and partner acrobatics!

Alongside my circus journey, I am a youth worker with young people with disabilities and I would love to merge the circus performance with youth disabilities to help these young people focus their unique energy into a discipline they can feel achievement from.

As well as this, i believe connecting your mind to your body allows spirit to flow through. I would love to expand circus training to be a viable form of healing for the mainstream- mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.

I want to change the system to include movement/dance/circus/circus therapy!


Madi Macleod

Hi, I’m Madi and I’m 12 years old. I love to perform, dance and do acrobatic skills. I love to push my body to see what it can do. I am really looking forward to learning new things and to experience more, and I am very excited for this year! :)


Paige Skinner

I’m so excited to really get myself stuck into circus, and learn heaps of stuff. I love everything to do with stretching, swinging, jumping, climbing, performing and yeah pretty much anything that involves circus.