Thanks to everyone who auditioned for the 2016/7 Scholarship Program! We have selected 13 talented young people (from over 50 auditionees!) to take up the challenge of an intensive year of circus!

Congratulations to:

Alyshia Harper
Amber Jackson
Angel Jacobson
Cameron Mason
Daniel Elias
Isabella Finan-Jenkin
Janet Van
Jared Peeters
Keara-Brooke Tyler
Lisa Anderton
Lisa Schady
Madi Macleod
Paige Skinner

Scholarship Expectations:

You will be expected to commit to at least two classes per week for a full year.

Classes are held after-school and on weekends. Classes will start in the week beginning 25th July 2016.

"The Dust Palace has a great atmosphere where a broad range of people come together and share skills in a trusting and secure environment. It has helped me achieve things I never thought I could. Eve and Mike have pulled together a great training space with wonderful people were I can be creative and supported." Quinn Vale




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The Dust Palace Scholarship Program is only possible due to the immense generosity of the following people;

Sir James Wallace

Adrian Burr

and Peter Tatham

Andrew and

Jo Clements


Bogoievski Family

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We are looking at the following information in order to make our decisions:


Financial Situation

Desire to Commit

Potential for Excellence

The 2015/6 scholarship students' showcase La Cafe de la Vie was held at Mangere Arts Centre on 25 June 2016. Thanks to performers and crew for an amazing show!


Congratulations to our new scholarship students 2016/2017!



The Dust Palace Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for young people aged 10 to 25 with limited resources to access training in the circus arts. The scholarship covers fees for one years’ tuition at the Dust Palace School. The first two years of the program have been a great success and now our third cohort, 2016/7, are just beginning their circus journey!


Circus is an amazing tool for self-development, awareness, motivation, communication skills, confidence, coordination and strength. In classes you can learn silks, trapeze, aerial hoop, rope, adagio, acrobatics, handstands, tumbling and a bunch more mad CIRCUS SKILLS!


The Dust Palace Scholarship Recipients 2016/7:

Alyshia Harper, Amber Jackson, Angel Jacobson, Cameron Mason, Daniel Elias, Isabella Finan-Jenkin, Janet Van, Jared Peeters, Keara-Brooke Tyler, Lisa Anderton, Lisa Schady, Madi Macleod & Paige Skinner


The Dust Palace Scholarship Recipients 2015/6:

Alex Garkavenko, Angelo Cruzat, Anya Wood, Connor Leech, Elsa McCormick, Grace Clark, Grace Hobson, Kaitlyn Parry, Katelyn Reed, Kylah Glover, Lya Solle, Mino Hafoka & Yama Kober.

The Dust Palace Scholarship Recipients 2014/5:

Quinn Vale, Lili Hanson, Ellie May Marshall, Rhiana Jellick, Rana Hamida, Aya Al-Chalabi, Connor Clarken, Jacinta Newman, Harrison Adams, Hana Mayo, Alexa Kennedy & Lauren Cavanagh.


The 2015/6 Scholarship Students performing at The Dust Palace School Show in December 2015

 -"At first everything is shy including myself. But then I'm able to open my eyes to the wonderful world of circus and the amazing people involved. For me the best part of the Dust Palace scholarship was being able to express myself through my passion in circus, whether I was sad or happy or angry or excited. I was free to be myself. The scholarship provided me with a safe environment to learn and explore the extraordinary things my body can do. I developed new skills on all pieces of aerial equipment (especially the silks because they're my favourite apparatus). It was amazing to be able to share this experience with my awesome scholarship class. I also loved seeing everyone grow through circus. There was so much talent in one room. Throughout the scholarship everyone becomes part of a crazy circus family." Yama Kober